How proactive customer care can transform your

Customer care has always been highly reactive and very rarely proactive. In fact, most service organizations operate in a reactive manner, requiring customers to invest significant effort to navigate multiple service channels, often unsuccessfully. Unfortunately, this leads to low self-service containment and customer dissatisfaction.

Your approach, as a customer centric brand, should be to aim for a friction-less experience for your customers, not the other way around. Customer care and support leaders must employ dynamic customer engagement to enable a more personalized customer experience

The ROI of a implementing a proactive customer care and customer support approach.

In a recent study performed by Gartner to more than 6,000 customers, only 13% of respondents report any type of proactive customer service.

However, that same research shows that proactive customer service can result in a full percentage point increase in your net promoter score, customer satisfaction score, customer effort score and value enhancement score.

Reasons why you should focus on proactive customer care.

In a different study there were findings on what reasons would be acceptable by the customers, in case you wanted to perform customer service or customer care, proactively.

These reasons are as follows:

  • 30% are open, if it is to resolve an issue.
  • 20% are open, if it is to educate them in a new feature.
  • 18% are open, if it is to offer a new product.
  • 12% are open, if it is to renew a purchase.

Always keep in mind that most of the customer experience happens in a digital environment, mainly due to the recent pandemic and you should always strategize with this in mind, focusing on process, people and technology. A proactive approach towards nearshore call center or customer care and support will directly impact on your company by:

  • Increasing Revenue.
  • Reducing Expenses.
  • Improving your overall Customer Experience.

Customer service expectations are increasing, and every interaction is an opportunity to increase loyalty and mitigate disloyalty. It is the right time to focus and invest on your customer experience execution and Kairos Connect can be the right partner for you as we provide boutique contact center services, hosted services as well as consultancy to help you deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

Author: KAIROS Connect Team

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“A time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action the opportune and decisive moment in which something special happens”